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Hahaha at the person he reblogged. “He loves her too”

Well on the plus side she unfollowed me (I guess she finally realized I can’t stand her and don’t believe in fakes who lie about innocent people)

How about KB is she still following you


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Really tumblr? Just really?!

I thought I had her blocked??? what gives?

yeah tumblr doesn’t block the people you’ve ignored from showing up on the recommended list. i know it’s stupid.


Not sure if you saw this, but when the Valentine’s Day poll came out a few months ago and Rukia won first place (Orihime won 2nd and Rangiku win 3rd) there was SO much butthurt over it on FLOL. It was quite funny. 

Not only are they delusional about how much Ichigo likes Orihime, but they are delusional about how much everyone else likes her as well. They just can’t imagine that other people actually prefer other female characters more, so they tell themselves this bs about how people were “confused” about what was being polled or that the people being polled somehow don’t count as a legit part of the fanbase. 

Oh wow, thanks for these. I knew about the Valentine’s Day polls but I didn’t vote for any Bleach characters. I voted for another series v-v


I didn’t go to FLOL to look up these walls of buttdevastation (as OW put it) - yet. I will when I have more time end of the week. I’m so nosy, I would def want to know who said what. HAHAAHAH


>popularity doesn’t mean anything
but still butthurt about Orihime being less popular

>most people who didn’t know what Bleach was would’ve chosen Orihime

Meaning that if those people read Bleach they would NOT choose Orihime

Meaning that THIS PERSON doesn’t know Bleach

These Orgs are fucking ridiculous.


Ladies and gentlemen, a short recap of the greatest Ichihime moments, and proof for Orihime’s unselfish, pure, undying love, which would last for 5 lifetimes…with a few exceptions.

Love her pink dress.

a principle orgs live by: denial keeps you going

The most incongruous of logic prevails in the IO fandom. They say their failboat is not one-sided, and yet they cannot give a good rationale why Orihime has never seen Ichigo’s pledge to protect her in ch 196 as romantic.

They celebrate how Ichigo promised Ori that he would protect her, but they ignore that she reacted negatively in private. They don’t want to talk about her feelings of jealousy and discomfort. They ignore what Ori has thought to herself so plainly:

“Yokatta! It’s Kurosaki-kun’s old self..!” 

Ori was referencing Kurosaki-kun’s old self. His old self is not as ~simple~ as having his confidence regalvanised for the sake of his friends in general! Orgs cry. It must be something more!

It doesn’t matter to them what Ori herself was saying. They imagine that the pledge is something new and revealing of his never-expressed before feelings for Ori. They translate that scene as Ichigo having the desire to protect Ori more than anyone else. And they try to pass it off as fact.

They claim their failboat is not one-sided, and again, they cannot logically explain why Oreehee did not read Ichigo’s hollowfication to save her as a reciprocation of her feelings. They outright ignore and reject what she said completely:

“It’s because of ~me~ that Kurosaki-kun became like this.”

She has understood that she was the cause for Ichigo’s hollow awakening. But she never took that protectiveness as his way of signifying anything special. Ori recognised that.

Not Orgs. They staunchly believe otherwise. She was the cause, and therefore it must be ~romance~. They see it that way. Each and every single one of them. And here lies the contradiction.

Her fans will tell you that she is a good reader of Ichigo’s feelings. “She knows him better than anyone!” However, she has never, not even once, read Ichigo’s kind and protective gestures towards her as romantic. She knows that Rukia is a very important person to Ichigo. She knows that Ichigo and Rukia share an unbreakable bond. Yet these fans outright reject everything from Oree’s perspective. They refuse to read Ichigo’s feelings the way Ori has read it. So either she is wrong, or her fans are the ones who are wrong. B-but Ori knows him BETTER than anyone! Except them, of course. Orgs know him better than Ori does. And don’t forget Rangiku. Rangiku knows Ichigo better than Oreehee does. This is the kind of circular logic Orgs operate on.

It’s mystifying. They don’t want to understand Ichigo, and they don’t even want to understand Ori. No matter how much they claim they relate to her OR worse, want to be her, they ignore her interpretation when it does not favour their beliefs. All they want is to fulfill their self-projected fantasies and live vicariously through her where an eventual happiness in being with the one you love is attained.

When challenged, Orgs garbled and sputtered with irrational excuses to explain why their ‘romantic arc’ ended with Ichigo Ori being cut-off in a panel. They ignore when Ichigo remarked in the poem of vol. 49 at the start of the FB Arc how much he could not keep up with the speed of the world without Rukia OF COURSE IT WAS ABOUT ZANGETSU, fuckers. Because we all know that Ichigo talks sexy with Old Man Zangetsu within the shadowy depths of his soul: “Yo, old man Zan, y u no visit me in 17 months? Oh I forgets. I lost muh power.”

Not only that, Orgs cannot logically explain why in the 17 months Ichigo and Ori did not get together. If it was so ‘clear’ to them that both characters already have ‘feelings’ for each other, especially if they believe that RAWR! I WILL PROTECT U! IMA FRANKENSTEIN moment was a declaration of his love, why didn’t they get together? Ichigo was instead shown to withdraw into himself, pensively thinking about Rukia, jumped at Keigo’s mention of Rukia, dreamed of Soul Society and Rukia and had his FB activated by merely thinking about Rukia. 

"I swear to my soul."

"She makes me feel so much better."

"I gained this power for her sake."

"You’re so noisy, you’re always worried about me." (Ori worries about you all the time too, Ichigo.)

"This is the second time I say this, I have come to save you, Rukia.” (Y u never said it to Ori in HM even once? And to Rukia you had to say it twice?)

"In 17 months she did not come and visit Karakura even once." (so what? Your love, Orihimeh is by your side! You know, the one you ~declared~ your love for by hollowfying? Y r u having secret thoughts about another girl?)

"I will make sure you kneel down and apologise to Rukia."

"Urahara-san, you should apologise to Rukia." (what, Ulquiorra and Grimmjow y they no need apologise to Orihime?)

All of Ichigo’s direct naratives are actively and deliberately ignored by Orgs. They prefer to see things that aren’t actually there. They mould Ichigo’s character into someone they believe to harbour feelings for Oree.

He is angry? That’s not because Ichigo is frustrated when he failed to protect his friends. To Orgs, that’s because he really has these feelings for Oree.

He is irritated at someone? That’s not because he is suspicious of Shinji’s ulterior motives and the potential danger he may pose to his friends. To Orgs, that’s because he’s jealous Shinji touched Oree.

He’s kind to Oree? That’s not because he is a kind boy at the core. To Orgs, that’s because he has feelings for Ori.

An Org’s mind will neither fathom nor remotely consider the inconsistencies in their beliefs. The less they think about IchiRuki, the better their boat floats on the clouds of delusion. And while they’re at it, they WILL take revenge on others who call them out on their bullshit by making up lies about real people on Fandom Wank, laughing at people on Encyclopedia Dramatica and TV Tropes, and acting as if they are victims/angels/Princess Zelda’s peachy ass. Best of all, some of them do these things under the false pretense of social justice when they were simply feeding the grudges they hold against IR fans. Others make up Tumblr accounts to bash IR fans, but unwittingly ended up with derogatory URLs that bash Ichigo instead. Some of these losers, after getting banned by YouTube for making up videos after videos of screaming shipper rage, start to harass other fans by inboxing them with rape threats, then lie about them. Is it any surprise that these shitbags are liars?

When they’re not doing despicable shit, they fumble around with irrational explanations without taking the entire story and Ichigo’s core characteristic traits into account. If he gets angry because Rukia, Chad or anyone else was hurt, it’s friendship. But if he gets angry over Oreehee, it’s love. They cannot and will not see it any other way. Because how could any man reject Failhime? Why would they? There are normal people who adore her. And then there are Orgs who adore her. And Orgs want Ichigo to adore her the way THEY adore her.

Sometimes I think Orgs force themselves to imagine all these nonsense just to compensate for the fact that there has never been one single moment when Ichigo has thought, “This girl has done so much for me. She has given up so much for me. She has willingly gotten herself abducted because of me. She would die for me. She is so amazing, my life has changed forever. She has made me feel so much better.”

Okay. Nevermind. All those monologues have been spoken either directly or indirectly by Ichigo, but they all referenced another girl. And it’s not Ori. Because it’s not Ori, these Orgs dismiss them and say, “Well, it’s just bromance. He can’t like her. She’s old. I mean he said to Ikumi that he hates old women. And she’s so much of a boy. And flat-chested. And Kubo said they’re unique. They won’t be lovers. KUBO SAID SOOO!!! KUBO SAID SOOO!!!”

Post-Soul Society Arc, Kubo said he never thought he would be writing Bleach for more than 5 years. And he continued Bleach. He came up with the HM Arc. And in 2004-2005, he said that Ori would be important. She ended up having her own arc, but was dispensed by Aizen as bait. And Kubo also said he would never consider a live-action movie for Bleach. As of 2012, it was reported that Warner Bros. is developing a live-action film and Kubo has been in talks with Hollywood. Yes, so much for ‘Kubo said.’ Because Kubo never made any mistakes in any interviews. He never changes his mind about anything. Nope. Authors in general never change their minds or made mistakes. Authors are infallible! Right?

They will never be able to accept that even if Ichigo does not end up with Rukia, their bond remains the most central and most steadfast in Bleach. Ori and her five times love will never be able to overcome it. Ori and her five lifetimes love will never reach the same level as what Ichigo and Rukia share, and the only way Orgs make themselves feel better is by misinterpreting the manga, make up shit and imagine Ichigo’s concern for Oree is every indication of his covert feelings of love other than mere friendship. I mean, pfft, friendship? That’s a term that best describes IchiRuki, derr. Not IchiOri/ IchiHime! Love will ruin the IchiRuki friendship, but that does not apply to IchiOri!

In the fandom of the Orgs, they reject every fact they do not like. If Ori said something they cannot accept, they make up shit to mitigate the attack from the spear KT has lampooned towards them. If Ori said something they like, they exaggerate and magnify it as if it’s the only thing that matters. The only way they can cope is by chanting the same mantra of BS over and over: Orihime loves Ichigo, Ichigo loves Orihime, their interaction is romantic, their interaction IS romantic IS romantic IS romantic. Despite all evidence pointing to the contrary, they flail about like friars in a trance. And that is how denial keeps you going, people.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHASomeone should tie his hands behind his back so he can’t type

Whoah. His bottom is bleeding really badly.


Someone should tie his hands behind his back so he can’t type

Whoah. His bottom is bleeding really badly.

I think I made him cry.  Either that or he made himself cry.  Click here to view the rest of the post for more luls



You hurt m-muh feelings! GoOri is the purrfect pairing!!!11

I think he’s really an awkward country bumkin pumpkin IRL

And a really stupid one

Winston was right. I wish Winston was here to testify.

The end of the manga is going to be very…eye-opening for some people. And very amusing for others.

nah they’ll just call kubo a shit writer or claim that he was pressured into changing his story into IR from IH. some of them are already saying that. lolz

No dude. You were almost saved and then you fell back into the pit.

This is ch 222. Ori was thinking about Kurosaki-kun AND Kuchiki-san. And Ichigo’s face.

Orgs hate it whenever IRs bring up the canon fact that Ori was jealous of Rukia. Funny, isn’t it? They say Ori is the most human and most relatable character, and yet they reject the most normal emotion she expressed as a human girl in love: jealousy.

Those fans cry, “She was only jealous once in ch 199, and that’s IT!”


"Remember!! Rangiku told her that she is as EQUALLY important as Rukia!! So that’s THAT!” > > > Implying that Rangiku knows Ichigo better than Ori knows him.

Each time these orgs say ori was upset in ch 213 simply because she could not ‘cheer up’ Ichigo or could not ‘help’ ichigo again, I loooooled.

Their justification for Ichigo’s expression in ch 213 is also funny. “A nakama got hurt! Of course he’s upset! It’s just like the time he was upset when Orihime was injured!”

If Ichigo was truly upset about ‘just another nakama’ getting injured, if that expression was the same as the one he has given Ori, she would not be so shattered by that one look. She was so fucking bothered by it, she thought about it again and ruminated over it in ch 222. People who say that she was merely upset that she couldn’t help Ichigo are complete morons. These morons don’t even think twice about what they’re saying.

It is so common for a girl who likes a boy to be naturally curious and naturally affected by his actions/reactions + facial expressions. Especially so when her perception of him is always spot on.

But nope. Orgs are saying:

Rukia was lying on the ground and hanging onto life. Ori, at that moment, was merely upset about her inability to help K-kun. >  implying that if she had the ability to lift his spirits even a little, she wouldn’t be as devastated.  > implying that Ori’s mood at that moment was contingent on her OWN ABILITY to encourage Ichigo. > > > also  suggesting that Ori would not even be curious about Ichigo’s expression as a NORMAL GIRL, would not even be curious how he would react as a NORMAL GIRL, and would not be turning around to look at him like ANY NORMAL GIRL WOULD. She would not be jealous like a NORMAL girl would. Because let’s face it. She’s only normal when they want her to be and she is extraordinarily perfect the way they see her to be.

No one was really TOO upset about Rukia’s injury. Except maybe yeah, Renji derrr. lolz.

In their desperate attempt to deny an IchiRuki chapter, they make up shit that sounds and looks more acceptable to them but to other people it’s total mental constipation. This dipshit explanation doesn’t even flow in ch 222 and doesn’t even connect to 225 when she finally saw him at the Vizards’ den. WHERE is the indication that she wants to make him feel better then? Didn’t the premise continue then, where she wanted to matter to Ichigo? All those emotions of jealousy, inadequacy and desire to be strong are the things that led to her decision to participate in battle. And Orgs say, THERE WAS NOT MUCH OF THOSE NEGATIVE THINGS! Yeah. And she just developed so spledidly! Out of THIN AIR.


Yep, the image is from one from your old post.

Translating French to English can be tricky: the French have this tendency to get all poetic and fancy with their literary devices. The original lyrics was Romeo describing his love for Juliet (something like: your love makes me fly so high, I’m able to touch birds’ wings). Origo-fied lyrics is “to love is to fly on Birds’ wings”

Strawberry and crown? Fair enough, but I fail to see how the motto/lyrics relates back to IchiHime, unless they’re talking about the scene on the dome where Ichigo sent Orihime flying (that’s romantic for them iirc). Did they pick this line for the bird imagery and Tanabata or is it because of the way they interpret “eagles with wings”?

Thank you for the explanation! Indeed the Origofied version sounds ridiculous and yes, they picked this line because of the way they interpret Eagle Without Wings.

You know, even in fairy tales, people do not fly on birds’ wings. People sit on the back of the bird, while the bird flies. Sitting on the birds’ wings will just bring down the bird staight down like a missile to Earth.

Just throwing this out there: the “motto” on the strawberry and crown logo for the “IchiHime nation” thing was ripped off the 2001 French musical Roméo et Juliette, de la haine à l’amour. They also managed to get the lyrics wrong somehow and ruin an iconic song by pinning it on something as tacky as this.

Hahahaha thank you for that YT link! It’s hilarious. Yeah, as you already said it (the motto) was written in bad French above. Eventually a French IH came along and corrected it for them.

That Aurora caption under the pic looks familiar. Is it from my old post? Hahaha. I have almost forgotten how ridiculous it looked. That fandom is really funny.

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The fact she ships NaruSaku disgusts me tbh. And second, apparently that post is a response to mine. Nice job on

She ships NaruSaku because she loves Naruto. (Just like how she loves Orihime).

Her kind of anime guys is the dim but silly and cheerful type (also like Orihime). Also like Ginji (when he is NOT being Raitei) from GetBackers. She adores him.