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the japanese mother tongue must be an imaginay friend to be such ignorant of his/her own language…

Hi there imaginary japanese friend

*waves hand*

Don’t make me laugh! He said MOSTLY, not only, if you get what I mean!

My friend is here thanks to a Study Abroad Program from his University.  And despite his look , he is a smart guy!

And btw , EVEN TO Japanese people Kanji are not that easy!




「明治以前の資料では,「僕」は丁寧な言葉遣いとともに使用が見られるところから,謙称として使用さ れていたと考えられる。「君」に関しても,敬意を含んだ使用と対等な立場での使用が見られるようになり,現代の本稿へ移行する過渡的な状況が確認さ れた。明治半ば以降は,男性同士の対等の関係での「僕」「君」の使用の広まりが見られた。男性の,女性に対する「僕」「君」の使用に関しては,明治前期に はまだ一般的ではない。「僕」は明治半ば以降,頻繁に見られるようになる。また「君」の使用は,明治の末年から大正の作品に確認されたが,用例はまだ少な い。女性に対する「君」の使用が広がるのは,大正末から昭和初期にかけて流行した「モダンボーイ」「モダンガール」という特殊な風俗の中での使用からと考 えられる。」ー 

長崎 靖子、人称代名詞「僕」「君」の変遷、川村学園女子大学研究紀要 第18巻 第3号 13ユ頁一147頁2007年

If you have to rely on a friend and misinterpret his explanation about pronouns, then you had better stand up and relocate your ass to a damn oven and learn the language your own fucking self.




Dude, I’m so freaking tired of this bullshit !!!!!!!

Just so you know, I posted that cuz’ a  friend of mine , who is japanese mother tongue, told me that the kanji KUBO used in that quote is mostly used for a NEUTRAL GENDER . And it’s not the case of Rukia, since she has a feminine gender!

Ichigo u so rude to Zangetsu ossan you call him kimi O M G u snob
Or maybe
Zangetsu is your ‘type’, Ichigo?

Kimi can be used on girls. Get lost
Mmmm, that romantic ZanIchi poem. So beautiful. Too bad for orgs that even ZanIchi is more popular than their failboat. let them believe it. the poem still wasn’t about Oriheeemaaay. :)



payung-merah asked:

it’s time to tell some of your favorite blogs that you acknowledge, and appreciate their work; let them know that you love them. spread the love to 10 of your favorite blogs, and if you don’t have 10, then just spread it to the next 10 on your dash!


Thank you :>

"I ship IchiRuki but it is zero-sided"


Only an Org would use that term.

>I ship IchiRuki but Ichigo will end with orifail because of her feelings

>orifail’s feelings

Only an Org

>Smart Org

-> Oxymoron

-> Moron


mikiza asked:

You have one of the best blogs ever and you always make me laugh :D


Thanks :)


our-flame-never-goes-out asked:

OH MY GOSH "虚栄雌犬"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hahahahahahahaha I'm sorry for bothering you, but I just burst out laughing at this! And all the ellipses really do make me frustrated when I'm reading pugthrottle's stuff.



Thanks for sharing your submission again!

Many people do not think there will be a pairing at the end of Bleach, this is true. Just yesterday someone sent me an Ask, asking me if I think IR will happen. (I said probably not, because Kubo wants to be edgy). Nevertheless, IO is definitely not happening. 

As we all know, the main issue people have is that if there is no resolution to pairings, then shipping wars will continue after Bleach ends.

And unfortunately for IR fans (hypothetically), the ‘no pairing’ ending is actually IchiOri’s best bet, because then they can argue IH has actually happened; that all their so-called manga ‘moments’ are still valid. And Puggy would still be arguing about that at that time, I’m sure. I definitely won’t, though.











I want to know if Puggy even works or goes to school at all? Because I can’t place my finger on a justifiable…

I thought a lot of IchiRuki fans has been supporting the idea that Ichigo is suffering some very deep psychological problem that only Kuchiki Rukia can help him?  You know, that……don’t listen to his words, pay MORE attention to how he scratched his hair, turn his back against us, looked annoyed, he’s giving a mixed signal?  Poor Ichigo needs Rukia to get himself, his mind right.  That’s why they say, volume poem 49 is IchiRuki, because even though in the volume 49, he said that he doesn’t missed Rukia VERY, VERY MUCH…..poem 49 shows otherwise.

Neh, since you are better in Japanese… would you then say ‘vaingloriousbitch’ in Japanese?  Or is that an English word that cannot be literally to Japanese?



1) You meant to say, anti-ICHIHIME fans, didn’t you? This dingdong can’t even tell the difference between the anti factions now.

2) Again with the ‘these fans’… EXACTLY WHICH ?! COME ON.

Stop overusing the Chinese equivalent「這些」 in English, dumbass.

And best of all




Asam herself suggested that

Ori gave herself a boob window, that Aizen has already kissed Ori, that the double headed eagle was actually the single headed eagle constellation that signifies Ichigo and Ori, that Ichigo lied to himself when that flashback of Rukia brought about the activation of his powers, that the sun radical hidden in every kanji has an auspicious meaning for ICHIHIMEH.


The things this fucking hypocritical idiot says are just priceless.

NGL some IR fans do come up with bizarre and completely improbable reasons that are just waiting to be ridiculed by Orgs. Never go full Org, IR fans.










I want to know if Puggy even works or goes to school at all? Because I can’t place my finger on a justifiable approximation of the amount of time she has spent generating all these crazy shit.

What did I tell you? This is the miscreant Org that I was talking about. The one who believes the romantic poem in vol. 49 is spoken by Ichigo towards Oree. So hilarious! Within 24 hours of my last post, she has proven that IH fans, including herself, are aware of the poem being romantic.

Too bad she cannot accept it is Rukia whom Ichigo was referring to. Instead, she desperately tries to readjust her disharmonious cognitive in the most absurd fashion by interpreting it as a poem for Oree.

And linking vol. 41 to vol. 49 - just what the fuck? Who is on vol. 41 anyway?

Literally read this and was asking myself is this bitch even for real? There’s no one in their right mind who would actually believe that this poem is about Orihime is there? 

Silly Orgs first it was Zangetsu now it’s Orihime you see the reason why people call you delusional is due to selective reading and the amount of inconsistencies in your laughable ‘theories’.

The poem is actually 'I wonder if I can keep up with the speed of the world without you' not 'if you are not in it' - Using your own idiotic translations to try help your own Origo pairing doesn’t help you you’ve got to realize that right?

Fact is Rukia was the significant person missing out of his life at that present time and Ichigo was down in the slumps without her.

So no matter how much you read ‘slowly' and try twist the story it won’t change what the actual canon shows. 

Pugthrottle yet again shows why she is a typical Org…stupidity at it’s finest ladies and gentlemen.

And the canon has yet Ichigo expressing his missing of Rukia after he got his powers.  I thought the idea of ‘IchiRuki’ volume poem 49 is that Ichigo really missed Rukia and not his shinigami powers?

This is the canon:: Ichigo didn’t miss Rukia SO VERY BAD, THAT HE LITERALLY CRIED IN HIS SLEEP in that 17 months.  UEveryone including himself said…..he wanted back his powers to protect his friends badly.  Even Rukia said in Matsubara’s novel that Ichigo is hurting because he felt powerless.

You are literally saying that Ichigo only sees Rukia as his means to gain his powers. That the Ichigo-Rukia bond is secondary to his powers. His family, friends and especially Ori are his top priority <3 and Rukia is only a tool for him to gain his powers to protect these important people, especially Ori <3. Rukia doesn’t mean much beyond that. Ohh Kubo is really telling us that, I see.

I got this from UnMasked databook.  Don’t worry, I didn’t get it because I wanted to disprove IchiRuki, I was doing it mainly for my dear Orihime, I wanted to know more and more about her….and Renji.  Remember how databooks always have preview of another arc to come?  After Ichigo fought with Aizen and lost his power, and then the preview for fullbring arc??

Aizenとの戦いで死神の力を失ったIchigoは高校3年生になっていた。 級友たちも平和を取り戻し、死神になる前の元通りの学生生活へ。ただひとつ以前と異なるのは、心の片隅にあるRukiaたちの記憶だけ——。

After fighting with Aizen and lost his power, Ichigo became 3rd year high school student.  With his classmate friends too, Ichigo lives a student life of harmony back in the time before he became a shinigami.  Although, there is one difference from the past, in part of the corner of his heart, there are memories of Rukia-TACHI.  

It would have been romantic if it’s in his heart he has a memory of her….but UnMasked said it’s Rukia-and friends.  True right?  Ichigo having vague recollection of also Byakuya and Renji in addition to Rukia?

Your question about how Ichigo sees Rukia as?  Whether his bond with Rukia surpass more than his bond with other people in his world, whether he SAW her as a tool THAT ALLOWED HIM TO GET HIS shinigami power, or not……do you really need me to answer you?

Hahaha. You have been disproving IR for years, who are you kidding, Asam? Everything you have said all these years up to now is a blatant disregard for the IR bond. Lying about it isn’t going to help because you have been doing this for ALMOST TEN YEARS.

Your Japanese isn’t the most stellar, so I can only imagine the amount of time you spent frantically trying to translate and making sense of everything. You even fucked up the fundamentals by claiming that, “TOMO and TOMODACHI are DIFFERENT THINGS!” on MangaFox and in the same post, attempted to disprove IchiRuki because of this ignorant and grave misconception. Are you seriously okay?

So what if Ichigo thought of Rukia in addition to Byakuya and Renji? It’s obvious to anyone that Byakuya and Renji are not the same to him as Rukia is to him. Just because Rukia was mentioned along with the others in the databook does not diminish her role in Ichigo’s life, but you misunderstand and insisted this is the case.

Were Byakuya and Renji the ones who were directly implicated in the ‘Memories in the Rain’ theme? Did Ichigo say “Thanks to you Byakuya my rain has stopped” ? Were Renji and Byakuya the ones who said, “That’s the kind of man you are in my heart?” Oh Asam, you even tried to disprove this too! Saying naka is not heart. It’s inside. Inside what, inside my liver? My bladder? You don’t even understand how Japanese usually speak and how they use certain words. So what right do you have in trying to teach your fandom, or anyone, Japanese?

You are always manufacturing sandcastles of grandeur out of inconsequential debris.

You do this because you simply cannot find anything in the manga that logically supports the flow of the story, the progression of characters’ emotions in their growth of relationships with one another.

You frantically look for mythological tales and analyse constellation clusters beyond what is necessary because you desperately want to believe your pairing is valid somehow.

You desconstruct kanji characters because you misunderstand that Kubo meant the overall design of words instead of their inherent etymology.

If you weren’t that desperate and if you actually believe using the manga and other omake drawn up by Kubo as basis for your pairing, you wouldn’t need to do any of these things. Do you actually expect ME or anyone else to respect your opinions that were built upon such flimsy and unlikely sources?

You want to diminish Rukia’s role into someone who merely gave Ichigo powers, and wanted him to view her as such. She’s simply a means for him to protect his precious Oree, as you have always, always asserted all these years. Do you actually think this will change anything?

And this bit is really spectacular, let me tell you, because you seem to have no inkling whatsoever of what you have done.

You reject everything that was drawn and written by Kubo on the cover of the first databooks, reject everything else that was stated but which you DO NOT LIKE, for example Orihime’s relating her narrative of how Rukia is not simply a friend, not simply a comrade, but someone really important to Ichigo. You refused to accept it altogether, going so far as to exclaim that Ichigo was NOT looking at Rukia in ch213. In the same navigation, you conveniently and willingly outright misinterpret everything else in other databooks so you don’t have to accept the impending outcome that IchiOri is NOT happening. You will keep up with it as long as the manga is ongoing, because that itself gives you hope.

Asam why do you misunderstand things so much? Remember the time when you misunderstood your fellow IH fan? Who told you that the main point was not an excuse to retaliate against others but an actual retaliation but you took it as a phrase in verbatim? Why do you do that all the time? Do you have a condition? You don’t seem to understand a single thing people are saying. Forget strawmanning which your fandom is frequently guilty of doing, you are far, far verbose than any of them yet fail to deliver any content that proves your lucidity. What’s wrong with you? Why can’t you understand simple things? And why don’t you have any innate awareness of how hypocritical you are acting? Don’t even try to come up with a last minute victimisation of yourself, which I observe that you have loved to do recently with me. No one is a fucking victim here. You were the one who said you were going to be like Buddha and not bother with IR fans yet here you are, again and again. You have been working so hard to disprove IchiRuki all these ten years, in every single chapter, every single instance. Give me a break and stop acting like an innocent little lamb.

That’s all I have to say. I am not interested in continuing this conversation until you actually addressed what I asked of you: Tell me why, if Ichigo loves Oree so much, that it was actually the moment focusing on Rukia that caused his fullbring to spring to life. With a very prominent heart sticker, granted by Riruka’s ‘ability of love’, drawn on his cardigan in that panel.

All this long ‘essay’ is basically you accusing me of having poor grasp of Japanese language, therefore I cannot be a ‘trusted person’…..YET, YET, YET, YET….you did not make a single comment about how wrong I translated the small portion of UnMasked in regards to Ichigo’s HEART having Rukia-TACHI’s memories?

You’re not a reliable person when it comes to explaining Japanese language too.  Remember when I said that there are some significant meanings when Kubo used kimi, anata, omae, ore in that IchigoxOrihimexRukia chapter 181 cover ‘And the Rain Had Left’….and you dismissed my words, quoting those female singers using male term…..but when the volume poem 49 came out… went gungho on showing how the ‘specific pronouns’ were specifically gender based.  Then the word ‘Tsukkomu’ too….

But thank you for reminding me of the word heart, 'naka' and 'kokoro' that Kubo Tite used.  I  just remembered something that I read in regards to ShunShunRikka saying to Orihime that her power are based on her ‘kokoro’.

Oh….your question to me,

Tell me why, if Ichigo loves Oree so much, that it was actually the moment focusing on Rukia that caused his fullbring to spring to life. With a very prominent heart sticker, granted by Riruka’s ‘ability of love’, drawn on his cardigan in that panel.

You said so, it was Riruka who gave the ‘heart sticker’ to Ichigo……not to make him REALIZE amor love….but to make him smaller so that he can get into a dollhouse.  Ichigo would still be able to gain his fullbring with or without Riruka’s PROMINENT LOVE STICKER, if he were to follow what Chad had said to initiate his fullbring power.  

I’m actually very happy that Kubo Tite chose to include two panels of Inoue Orihime crying inside Ichigo’s flashbacks since I remembered very well how Ichigo hates seeing people crying tears, yet Inoue Orihime’s crying faces are among those which Ichigo considered as his proud moments.  Maybe Ichigo is really the thugdere boy type where he would purposely make the girl cry by pulling her hair hard just to get her attentions on him.

>when vol. 49 came out you were gungho on showing it is gender-specific

HAHAHA wut? I was away from fandom when vol. 49 came out. :D You must have confused me with someone else, because I never said anything about this poem during this time.

Additionally, even if the poem is gender-specific it still means shit for you - no one in their right mind would think Ichigo was talking to Orihime or Zangetsu.

I only brought up the example that female singers sing in male pronouns on MF because lyrically it sounds and flows better :) You didn’t know that, right? Since you, oh~ don’t really listen to J-pop. And to drive home the point that your view of the chapter cover of 181 as Ichigo running after Orihime is completely bizarre.

Cover of ch.181 is obviously Ori chasing Ichigo with Ichigo chasing Rukia. Only someone who is distraught enough to reject reality would twist it otherwise. Your craziness won’t touch me, hohoho.

Translate all the shit you want~! Misunderstand the context all you want~! Why should I correct your Japanese free of charge? :D It’s not my responsibility to teach you Japanese; I have given you plenty of lessons you rejected. I’m not going to teach you anymore until you pay me, gurl. IN USD, okay? I’m not taking any shit MYR. It’s not my problem that you misunderstand what was being taught from then onwards, and it means even less when it is YOU who challenge my aptitude of the language :)

Do you want to get into a verbal fight with me in Japanese? We can go on Skype~~

That’s your only answer? You are so happy Kubo gave you two panels of Ori? Even though it meant that Ichigo was obviously reflecting on the times he has saved his friends in chronological order? Okays. I knew you were going to say that anyway.

SURE. He didn’t realise his love. He didn’t! The memory of Rukia causing his juices to burst is just a momentuous mistake in Ichigo’s fap fantasy. He really was going to think of Ori~

If you were not gunghoed over volume 49 being IchiRuki, then why started it by posting a guy who….asked his Japanese friend, a psychiatrist who I quote…..with poor English to boot….translate the raw for this English speaking guy?  It’s not like he has read the whole volume 49 book from first page to the last page and gives his own CONCLUSION whether it’s IchiRuki or the cute girl who tries to help him that the poem is referring to….in ENGLISH.  Anybody can tell that it’s romantic, whether he’s a Japanese or non-Japanese who read it in English.  Nobody cannot tell it for sure.

Do you not understand….it has nothing to do whether I or you are good in Japanese.  Whether I have 100% scores in Japanese language or 0% scores in Japanese language, if this is what Kubo Tite already write down….you having higher grades than me or lower grades than me…’s not going to change anything.  Therefore, you mocking how poor my Japanese language is compared to you…..I don’t feel anything because it’s….written in the stone.  You cannot change by mocking me.  The only thing you can do….is to prove that I’m a liar, that Kubo Tite never writes or put such thing.  Or else, why would you guys be quoting the same words again and again?

You knew that I would say such thing?  That having two panels of Orihime crying more important than the big panel of Rukia looking at Ichigo as she leaves for Soul Society?  And it’s normal since it’s in chronological order, right?  Then, I can say this too…..what’s so grand about the big panel of Rukia looking at Ichigo as she leaves for Soul Society??  After all, isn’t it being the last thing before Ichigo loses his spiritual power completely, right?  Last Rukia big panel is so not important in my opinion, especially when Ichigo said that there were too many proud shinigami moments for him to pick and decide.image


If it’s true that Rukia’s memory is causing his juices to burst out, he wouldn’t be saying that he doesn’t know which one to pick, would he?  UNLESS YOU ARE SAYING that he has a complicated psychological problem where he’s cannot to be true to himself, that he really has no sense of honesty in him….say this in HIS MIND TO HIMSELF, but he’s ACTUALLY LYING TO HIMSELF.

And I was just thinking why Asam didn’t reply to me? Asam always replies. Ah, I simply missed it.

This shit totally has to be reblogged for posterity.

Ichigo is now LYING to himself!

That’s right


and avoiding thinking of Rukia

his FB juices burst!! after thinking about Rukia

Sasuga Asam. 「Omae ga nani wo iu ou tomo, watashi jibun ga tadashii to kakushinteiru!!!! !111」to itta.

Tsukkari kiga kurutte shimatta ne.

For some reason I only saw your tag, Asam. 「虚栄雌犬」 does NOT translate to ‘vainglorious bitch’, you incompetent, stupid, ignorant little dingdong. Learn proper Japanese instead using DIRECT dictionary lookups/Google Translate. You don’t know shit about Japanese, English and Chinese so stop giving me a reason to laugh at you already. Also, all those unnecessary ellipses whenever you write in English? Contrary to what you believe, they are hardly used in writing.


The Japanese language doesn’t matter!!! Asam cries. But it mattered when she has to desconstruct Kanji characters. It mattered when mrs-portgas the gaijin lied about her heritage and apparent non-knowledge of the language! It doesn’t matter if ICHIRUKI FANS emphasized them because “THESE IchiRuki fans can’t be trusted”. THESE IchiRuki fans are wrong, even if they’re half-Japanese, even if they have had proper Japanese education, even if they have had proper Japanese classes. THESE IchiRuki fans are wroooong but I, ASAM PUGTHROTTLE is RIGHT!!

Get lost, dumbass.


The antics of crazy IH fans are public on Tumblr for everyone to see. Just look in your IchiHime tag. Public even on Google. Why would ANYONE do anything when you have done all the work?

Best of all, karma is coming for human garbage like you, who have been spreading lies and maligning real people for years. JUST BECAUSE YOU DON’T LIKE WHAT THEY SAID ABOUT YOUR BELOVED FICTIONAL CHARACTER AND PAIRING. Which you lied about not shipping, btw.


Yes, you are a shining example for your IchiHime fandom indeed.