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  • so Ichi/Neliel had an even BIGGER (hurr) “legitimate moment”. and ehrmegerd, Yoru/Ichi had TWO “legitimate moment”s!!! YORU/ICHI = CANONS!!111




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  • "If Ichigo were to confess out loud to Fakehime that he has always loved her"

    Well, let’s wait for him to confess out loud then. WHYTHEFUCKNOT?

    Maybe it’s because he has already confessed to another girl??????

    OH NO sorry, he confessed to Zangetsu.

    "He caught her or looked her in the eyes"

    L o o k e d     her in the     e y e s

    just how many times has Ichigo looked at other people in the eyes

    Fucktards never change.

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  • boy staring at girl’s boobs = LEGITIMATE moment

    so it doesn’t matter what face Failhime has, as long as she has big, boing boing boobs.

    yup, i would be so happy if a guy falls in love with me after i revealed my boobs to him. definitely. i’m positive kubo feels the same way about how true love works. :>

    just imagine.

    "ever since that time i saw your boobs... i had suddenly realised that i’ve always loved you.”


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  • This baachan again. Every now and then she likes to stir up shit to remind others of her notoriety.

    The fake suicide incident happened a year ago today. I didn’t forget how it happened and why it happened, but apparently this baachan thinks it is ok to make up a whole NEW story about people CYBERBULLYING Peachy. Lmao, “i was mad at ppl cyberbullying peachy” You were? People like you who beat up other people’s children and attempted to run children and teens over with your car have no right to be acting holier than thou anywhere. You, who told Orgs that their parents should have aborted them, that they should have hanged themselves or slit their wrists is the last person qualified to even talk about this issue. Most important of all, Peachy was NOT being cyberbullied.

    She was exposed as a manipulative liar who maliciously implicated people who didn’t like her as those responsible for her fake suicide. Every fucking thing was recorded on my blog. No matter what you believed happened, the truth will not go away. Seriously.

    You are both disgusting.

    Lol @ the complaint re: bragging about camp full of professionals.That isn’t about the ENTIRE IR camp as a whole, baachan yo.

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  • What the actual fuckerinabis is this shit?? This has got to be the most stupid post I’ve seen in months.

    >”She says ‘ichigo’ in the translation!!!”

    >”Japanese ppl who greet each other is annoying!!!”

    W O w W Wwww

    Totally, we all greet Yamada-kun and Suzuki-san 50 times in 2 minutes. We do that. We also cry “oppa!” each time we exhale carbon dioxide.

    WHERE ARE MY FUCKING correct translations FOR THAT?!?!? ^

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  • pugthrottle:




    I see……so everything about IchiRuki fans that you gripped about have got to do with me, despite the fact that I usually use the words ‘these’ or ‘some’ and not ‘all’ IchiRuki fans and the fact that I have distant myself from IchiHime fandom?  I suppose I would not be able to ‘wash off the sins’ ALL IchiRuki fans think I am responsible for, right? 

    I wanted to inquire about your whereabouts, especially since the airplane accident.  I hope you didn’t die from it.  But most of all…. 
    I remembered clearly the part where you said that you would disappear the moment IchiRuki becomes canon, and I’m thinking chapter 589 is very IchiHimish, and I got alarmed that PROBABLY….PROBABLY, the one that you are reading is the one where IchiRuki becoming canon, that’s why you disappeared.

    At least, I have my own personal blog and I do whatever I like.  I don’t dedicate my whole post blogs hating IchiRuki pairing and SOME OF THEIR FANS like you, because…..I don’t know….I’m an easy-going person understands well how everybody is thinking and feeling, that I don’t give in to hating them and attacking their own personal lives.  Unlike those who say they will not attack my own personal life(*roll eyes*)

    You think chapter 423, 436 are IchiRuki canon?  Okay.  Which means your disappearance won’t be permanent.

    Welcome back.

    "IchiRuki fans hate me" "You hate me"

    Why? Are you hated for the majority of your life outside the internet?

    As usual your reading comprehension is shit. Nowhere in that post you linked did I say, I would disappear the moment IR becomes canon. WHERE IS IT.

    "So you think those are IR canon?"

    IR canon?!?! I only said, I wasn’t around when these chapters were released. LOLz

    Oh gosh..what was 436 about? Was that Ichigo’s FB activation? (Wow asam, you remember IR chapters better than I do.) I have trouble remembering it. Each time I wanted to use that page, I only needed to type “Ichigo FB activation” and it will come up on Google Images. You really give a lot of fucks about IchiRuki, don’t you?

    "I hope you didn’t die from the airplane accident"

    Oh, woooow may Jesus forgive you, Asam. Even if you have an impossible wall to scale when it comes to communicating your thoughts, even if you are eternally incapacitated by your gross ineptitude to master English (or Japanese), I’m sure Our Father in Heaven knows your heart.

    I do travel a lot, but hardly via Malaysian Airlines. I’m sure you are so proud of your country. I feel so sorry that you have to live in such a place. Forever. :>

    "I think 589 was very IchiHimesh"

    Of course 589 was OriGo. With her breasts 3/4 out, I would love to tittyfuck her myself. I honestly think Ichigo should definitely get with Failhime because of her tits. So when they get married, Ichigo could always fuck Failhime and then leave the house to have Rukia solve all his life problems for him, like a real bro. It’s perfect.

    Oi, you owe me money for reading your shitty posts. AND WHERE IS THAT FANMAIL AND YOUR PICTURE LIKE I ASKED?! SEND IT.

    Lastly, please get your English to another level before you speak to me again. (But if you send me your picture, I will waive that requirement).


    Fuck, so this is what it’s all about. YOU THINK YOUR POSTS MADE ME WROTE THAT POST. LMAO

    You poor, deluded chick. What, just because I mentioned you in that one line?

    Please. Wherever did I say my friends had to get me back here? When? Where!? I said some friends were IM-ing me about the crazies. How the fuck did that jump to, ‘people begging for me to come back’? The only one begging is YOU, relentlessly begging for my attention.

    Get over your fucking magpie bridge, asam. No one talks about you that much. You’re now resorting to acting sooo victimised after being owned, tearfully pretending you absolutely haven’t offended anyone with your nonsensical diatribe against “these IchiRuki fans.” “Noooesss you mean IchiRukis hurled insults at meeee sooo muchhh boo hoo hoo you meanie~~~” So fucking typical.

    Get madder, Asam. It’s so very funneh.

    Why was I away for FOUR weeks, Asam? WOULDN’T YOU LOVE TO KNOW. Look back at your mythology/numerology/astrology studies, GURL. If all fails, I’m sure you can find something on the fucking internet.

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  • pugthrottle:


    I’ve decided that I will write something after all. I’ve been told (on IM) of things like

    >asam giving japanese lessons

    >people taking her word for it

    >people comparing real life war issues with trivial fandom war issues

    >orgs shouting canon

    >orgs claiming ichigo is attracted to failhime


    I have to ask this question::  ‘How did this people comparing real life war issues with trivial fandom war issues?’ come to being?  I’m curious as to what they have said…..

    They had to IM you several times for you to come back.  I was thinking of IMing you, asking what happened to you after 589 chapter released, but you might take it the wrong way.

    No no, Asam, I have to ask you: How in the world is RL = fandom?

    OMGERD ASAM. I’m genuinely baffled, Asam. Asking me “what happened” after 589 is released is fucking retarded.

    You should have asked me what happened after ch423 was released. Or what happened to me when Ichigo’s FB was activated, or what happened to me when the poem was released. Because I deliberately took my absence during these “big” IchiRuki periods. Took off my heels and ignored Bleach. You won’t find a single post I made on the internet during these times. Don’t think I even made ANY post when the hot springs chapter came out. I only made references to it WAY after the ruckus died down. If you have a working brain, you should really ask me why I was even absent during all those times.

    So I guess if you are interested in what’s happening in my life, please send me a fanmail with a link to your most current, passport photograph and personal details. We can then exchange pictures and establish a friendship, in which we would be able to share intimate details of our lives, including what honestly ‘happened’ to me in the past few weeks. NO DICK OR BOOB PICS PLS. But you can shop your face onto Failhime’s face and send it to me. I will cherish it 5eva. PLS PLS PLS DO IT

    I will evaluate your worthiness then. :3

    But you might misunderstand me. Like you always do.

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  • I’ve decided that I will write something after all. I’ve been told (on IM) of things like

    >asam giving japanese lessons

    >people taking her word for it

    >people comparing real life war issues with trivial fandom war issues

    >orgs shouting canon

    >orgs claiming ichigo is attracted to failhime

    oh yes, Asam’s atrocious Japanese is to be believed because Kubo = Asam. You had better believe it. To her, only her own explanations make sense, and despite her saying, “I didn’t say I’m always right,” she never fails to throw a big trantrum over “these IchiRuki fans”. Because secretly, she does believe she is right. Nothing makes any sense otherwise, okay? And each time she goes, “I believe in Kubo Tite very much,” it solidifies the notion.

    To illustrate one of these, Ichigo is so attracted to Failhime because she revealed 3/4 of her breasts to him. Other potential waifus to whom he was also attracted to include Nel, Rangiku, Hikifune, Ikumi and Yoruichi. Hallelujah. Waifu material. The best waifu is the one who gives Ichigo the best tittyfuck in his life. That rules Rukia out of the equation from the start, okay? Best waifu = best titty service. No titties = not waifu material. STOP BEING SO MISO SOUP TOWARDS FAILHIME BCOS OF TITS! But eh Rukia no tits Ichigo won’t be attracted to her. And I tell you, IchiRukis, that is totally not miso soup.

    And of course Kubo is not sexist lolz! watdafuckchutalkingbout? He didn’t depict Renji as sexist. He didn’t depict Ichigo as sexist when he said to Electric Girl, “oohhh i needn’t hold back because you’re a girl then~~~”

    Totally not sexist. Those lines weren’t given by Kubo. It’s his editor’s idea!!!

    Kubo didn’t intend to draw Failhime in that revealing Arabic outfit. Nope. Kubo didn’t want to draw girls in Bleach beach spread, where some girls lost their bikini top swimming in the ocean. No, Kubo didn’t want to draw Kuukaku in that outfit. Kubo didn’t WANT TO DRAW FAILHIME in that outfit, NOT AT ALL. He didn’t want to be sexist!! WOLFINA OR WHATEVER HER NAME WAS IN ZOMBIE POWDER WAS NOT SUPPOSED TO HAVE A G-CUP! IT WAS THE EDITOR THEN, TOO!

    Some people actually did a full page essay vomit on this topic, basically pulling shit out of their rectums to coax themselves into believing that nooo Kubo had no control over his work, going as far (or as shallow?) to compare JUMP with MARVEL/DC. Wow yeah, both publications work the same way. TOTALLY. And because people think they know something about MARVEL/DC, they think they can apply their presumptions onto JUMP by default. I mean, look, because I know English so let’s just assume I can apply all of its grammatical rules to Korean, okay? How different can they be LOLZ. I love that First Class ignorance. I don’t even have enough eyes to roll.

    >people actually celebrating over the fact that Titshime was so stupid that she would put this on for a guy she likes.

    As expected, they aren’t even mad that her character has been reduced to this. As long as Ichigo looks at her boobs and go red in the face, it means he really wants to marry her and fuck her. For all the things Failhime thought she sacrificed for Ichigo - going to HM for him, wasting 5 of her lives for him *snore*, prioritises him over everyone else while he doesn’t - he will finally return her love because of tits.

    So, my wish is that Ichigo will get with Failhime. Then, the speculation that Asam = Kubo = Orgs will not be merely a mockery.

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  • cassyopia92:




    the japanese mother tongue must be an imaginay friend to be such ignorant of his/her own language…

    Hi there imaginary japanese friend

    *waves hand*

    Don’t make me laugh! He said MOSTLY, not only, if you get what I mean!

    My friend is here thanks to a Study Abroad Program from his University.  And despite his look , he is a smart guy!

    And btw , EVEN TO Japanese people Kanji are not that easy!




    「明治以前の資料では,「僕」は丁寧な言葉遣いとともに使用が見られるところから,謙称として使用さ れていたと考えられる。「君」に関しても,敬意を含んだ使用と対等な立場での使用が見られるようになり,現代の本稿へ移行する過渡的な状況が確認さ れた。明治半ば以降は,男性同士の対等の関係での「僕」「君」の使用の広まりが見られた。男性の,女性に対する「僕」「君」の使用に関しては,明治前期に はまだ一般的ではない。「僕」は明治半ば以降,頻繁に見られるようになる。また「君」の使用は,明治の末年から大正の作品に確認されたが,用例はまだ少な い。女性に対する「君」の使用が広がるのは,大正末から昭和初期にかけて流行した「モダンボーイ」「モダンガール」という特殊な風俗の中での使用からと考 えられる。」ー 

    長崎 靖子、人称代名詞「僕」「君」の変遷、川村学園女子大学研究紀要 第18巻 第3号 13ユ頁一147頁2007年

    If you have to rely on a friend and misinterpret his explanation about pronouns, then you had better stand up and relocate your ass to a damn oven and learn the language your own fucking self.

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  • cassyopia92:



    Dude, I’m so freaking tired of this bullshit !!!!!!!

    Just so you know, I posted that cuz’ a  friend of mine , who is japanese mother tongue, told me that the kanji KUBO used in that quote is mostly used for a NEUTRAL GENDER . And it’s not the case of Rukia, since she has a feminine gender!

    Ichigo u so rude to Zangetsu ossan you call him kimi O M G u snob
    Or maybe
    Zangetsu is your ‘type’, Ichigo?

    Kimi can be used on girls. Get lost
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  • Mmmm, that romantic ZanIchi poem. So beautiful. Too bad for orgs that even ZanIchi is more popular than their failboat. let them believe it. the poem still wasn’t about Oriheeemaaay. :)


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  • payung-merah asked : it’s time to tell some of your favorite blogs that you acknowledge, and appreciate their work; let them know that you love them. spread the love to 10 of your favorite blogs, and if you don’t have 10, then just spread it to the next 10 on your dash!

    Thank you :>

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  • "I ship IchiRuki but it is zero-sided"


    Only an Org would use that term.

    >I ship IchiRuki but Ichigo will end with orifail because of her feelings

    >orifail’s feelings

    Only an Org

    >Smart Org

    -> Oxymoron

    -> Moron

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